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Mash rewinder
Size:          120 cm
Speed:    100 m/min

Mash rewinder machine reconstruction

We made a reconstruction of rewinder machine in June 2013.
The rewinding capacity increased 40% by the new PLC control. We equipped the machine with web monitoring and setting system. End of rolls fits evenly, deflection of wound layers decreased significantly. Dinamics of winding can be adjusted to the requirements. Rolls can be wound evenly compact by the new break-force controller.

Technical description                                                                                                  

- PLC vezérlés
- Kalibrálható hosszmérés
- Beállítható gyorsulás és lassulás
- Szervo-motor mozgatású felcsévélés

Technical parameters                                                                                                   

Mash width     
120 cm
100 m/min           
Precision 2 mm
Machine weight 1700 kg
Machine dimension 250x200x250cm
Air supply 6bar/100L/min
Electrical power 4 kW 3P+N+E 400V, 50Hz