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LAM-120 PE automatic laminating machine

The machine able to laminate corrugated cardboard in size 1200x1600mm with 2mm foamed HDPE material. Distance between the sheets is adjusted by vacuum belt feeder automatically. Film is cut by servo-operated cross cutter during going of sheets. Cutting during the running raises the productivity and there isn’t aesthetic failure on the surface because of cutting pauses.

Technical description                                                                                                  

- Automated lamination
- Vacuum belt feeder
- Stainless steel roller gluer
- Digital roller distance
- Sheet press belt unit
- Simple foam shaft.
- Sheet-counter
- Automatic foam cutter

Technical parameters                                                                                                   

Sheet size       120x160 cm
10 m/min           
Board thickness 2-7 mm
Foam thickness
0,8-2 mm
Machine weight 1500 kg
Machine dimension 8,8x2,1(2,6)x2,5(3,0)m
Air supply 5bar / 160L/min
Electrical power 2 kW 3P+N+E 400V, 50Hz