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LAM-120 SST foam (sponge) laminating machine

The machine able to laminate foam (sponge) in size 1200x1600mm with selfsticked layer.
The machine is able to laminate foam (sponge) in size 1200x1600mm with self-adhesive layer.
It can laminate two sides at same time. The upper and lower cylinders are heated. Their positions can be adjusted.
The silicone paper is cut by large diameter circular knife between sheets during progression of material. The knife is able to cut the foam, too.
The finished material is placed on the pallet by vacuum gripper.

Technical description                                                                                                  

- Manual feeding
- Two-side lamination at same time
- Upper and lower heated roller
- Digital display of roller distance
- Automatic cutting between sheets by big size circular knife
- Cutting of the foam is also possible
- Vacuum automatic stacker

Technical parameters                                                                                                   

Sheet size       120x160 cm
10 m/min           
Foam thickness 2-80 mm
Foam weight
< 20kg
Machine weight 3900 kg
Machine dimension 10,20x2,6x2,2(2,7)m
Air supply 6bar/150L/min
Electrical motor power 2,2 kW 400V, 50Hz
Electrical heating power   5,8 kW