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Gilding with laminator


Technical description                                                                                                  

- Gilding with LAM-503 laminating machine
- The construction of the machine is the same as a conventional laminator.
- The surface to be gilded must be digitally printed. The gold layer adheres to the digitally printed surfaces.

Preparation for gilding:
We print the parts without gilding on the paper with offset technology. The parts to be gilded are then printed using digital technology.
The finished print is gilded with the foiling machine.
Other technologies are possible.
It can also be gilded on a laminated surface.

Technical parameters                                                                                                   

Sheet size       52x72 cm
Paper weight                            110-600 gr/m2           
Speed 30 m/min 
Pressing force 23 kN
Machine weight 950 kg
Machine dimension 290x110x160cm
Air supply 6bar / 40L/min
Electrical power 7,5 kW 3P+N+E 400V, 50Hz