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LAM-52CA automatic thermo laminating machine

This "small" laminating machine knows everything that the big ones.
You do not have to feed the papers manually or to close the press roll.
Sucker feeder treats the paper safely and its pneumatic press roll provides big pressure.

Technical description                                                                                                  

- Fully automated lamination
- PLC control with 4,7" touchscreen.
- Dia.115mm hard-chrome press roller
- Infra heating system
- Pneumatic press roller. Direct-Press system without arms, shafts, power-ratio.
- Sheet decurling unit
- Inbuilt sheet separator
- Simply film shaft.
- Sheet-outage sensore
- Sheet-counter
- Film-edge cutter
- Jogger (option)

Technical parameters                                                                                                   

Sheet size       52x72 cm
Paper weight                            110-350 gr/m2           
Speed 15 m/min 
Pressing force 18 kN
Machine weight 450 kg
Machine dimension 290x110x160cm
Air supply 5bar / 160L/min
Electrical power 4,5 kW 3P+N+E 400V, 50Hz